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Glazed Steel
Alape manufactures most of its basins and washstands from glazed steel, a material which distinguishes itself through its easy care and hygienic surface. Normal dirt can be wiped off with a damp soft sponge or microfibre cloth. Conventional, non-scouring household detergents are recommended as cleaning agents. Aggressive cleaning materials and equipment should not be used. Basins and washstands should be cleaned regularly to prevent the formation of limescale deposits which can permanently damage the surface.
Glazed Steel with an easy-care surface
The basic components of the special version with an easy-care surface have an additional protective coating which repels water and dirt. Despite this, however, the evaporation of small droplets of water can result in limescale deposits on these surfaces too. For this reason, Alape recommends that these surfaces be wiped regularly with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. Dirt can also be removed with the help of a conventional, non-scouring household detergent, but aggressive cleaning materials and equipment should not be used.
Stainless Steel
To preserve the radiant look of stainless steel surfaces for as long as possible, Alape recommends daily cleaning, because stainless steel is very susceptible to limescale. For this reason, surfaces should be wiped regularly with a soft, damp cloth and polished subsequently with a soft, dry cotton cloth. Conventional household detergents can be used additionally to remove more severe dirt. It is important to rinse off the cleaning agent thoroughly and rub the surface dry. Aggressive cleaning and scouring agents should be avoided along with chemical descalers.
Lacquered finishes
For cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth and wipe the surface without applying great pressure. Then wipe dry with a soft cloth. For this purpose, use a household, water-soluble cleaning agent. Do not use aggressive or abrasive agents, or polishes and wax. Moreover, Alape advises against using a steam cleaner. Normal glass cleaners are much more suitable for removing stubborn dirt. High-gloss surfaces exhibit visible signs of use more quickly than matt surfaces. Therefore, high-gloss surfaces need to be handled more carefully. After a long period of use, slight scratch traces may arise. These do not impair use.