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Why does Alape differentiate between Private and Public Space?
Alape helps planners to design private bathrooms and guest toilets and develop sanitary areas and bathrooms in semi-public buildings, such as hotels, office blocks and restaurants.

To do justice to the requirements of each building, Alape offers its components programme in the two areas of Private and Public Space. The components are compatible with one another, but the systems are specially designed to meet the requirements of each building. In this way, Alape offers planners the option of structuring each construction project individually in line with specific requirements.
What materials does Alape use to make the components?
Alape basic components (basins, washstands, washplaces) are made almost exclusively of glazed steel. This material is superior to traditional ceramic in many ways, because glazed steel is not only extremely durable, colour-brilliant and hard-wearing, it can also be shaped particularly precisely. Thanks to a special baking process, the surface is also very hygienic and easy to look after.

You will find care notes here here.
Are there any Alape showrooms in the retail trade?
Alape is a global partner of the bathroom and sanitary fittings trade. Many specialist dealers exhibit Alape components in their showrooms. Use the dealer search to find an exhibition somewhere near you.
Where can I order Alape components?
To enable us to guarantee the quality of the components, Alape cooperates with qualified specialized dealerships all over the world. Only these dealers are authorized to sell Alape components. Installation and assembly are also carried out by sanitary fittings specialists.

When planning a private bathroom or sanitary system, Alape relies on the skills and competence of architects, interior designers or specialized sanitary fittings planners who then order Alape components for their customers through the dealerships.

Planners benefit from the support of the Alape Project Department when planning semi-public sanitary rooms. Here is a list of the points of contact. Alape does not guarantee the quality of any components not purchased through a specialized dealership.
What delivery periods have to be observed with Alape?
Alape’s delivery times vary a lot. The basic components listed in each currently valid pricelist are available within one to two weeks.
Can I install Alape products by myself?
Alape is a manufacturer of high-quality sanitary products which can only be procured through specialized dealerships and wholesalers. Proper assembly and installation should be ensured by a qualified fitter. Only then does Alape give a 2-year product warranty (see GTCs).
How do I take care of Alape components?
As a rule, the surfaces of the materials used by Alape are very easy to look after. To preserve the quality of the surfaces for a long time, however, Alape makes special recommendations for the care of each material. You will find more precise care instructions here.
Does Alape give a warranty and who is responsible for complaints?
Alape places great value on comprehensive quality control during production. If there are any obvious defects or material damage despite this, Alape grants a 2-year warranty. The customary unevenness, colour differences and slight flaws in natural materials are characteristic features of these materials which are not covered by the warranty.

In the event of complaints, please contact your local fitter. The following information is required for smooth processing:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the customer, fitter and wholesaler
  • Consignment/commission number
  • Brief description of the damage